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For Family and Friends:

Our services for family members and friends addresses the emotional roller coaster you experience when confronting addiction in a loved one.  

We are aware of your feelings of powerlessness, dashed hopes, worry, anxiety and often despair that you face sometimes on a daily basis in your attempts to support your loved one.  

What we share can disentangle you from the pain and disabling effects of these emotions.

We can help you.


  • Freedom from feeling responsible for your loved one’s situation

  • Increased clarity and compassion in responding to them

  • Less stress in your own life

New Insight Coaching 

We customize our services to address your individual needs and design them to offer you the most impact from working with us.

Your relationship with your loved one will change, and with our support, you will come to see you have the inner resources for this to happen.

During our free initial consultation, we will offer a personalized plan that is most supportive to your particular needs. 

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