Take this brief assessment to identify common experiences for family members dealing with addiction. 

  1. Does the emotional roller coaster of dealing with your loved one have you stressed out and unable to make wise decisions?
  2. Are you struck with sadness at the loss of the person you knew and the relationship you once had?
  3. Are you obsessed with trying to control their using or to make them quit?
  4. Have you stopped taking care of yourself because of your concern about the user?
  5. Do you feel lost, not knowing what to do about the problem, what the next steps are or just not knowing how to help?
  6. Do you blame yourself for your loved one’s addiction resulting in a feeling of guilt and shame?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, we can help. 

  • Learn to create beneficial changes for yourself and your family member
  • Discover learning and insights into your current situation.
  • Find your own courage, strength and wisdom in the midst of this challenge.

It is possible. You only need three things:

  • A desire and commitment to being more self aware.
  • An understanding that change begins with ourselves.
  • An experimental and curious attitude about your situation and a desire to learn something new.

With these as our starting point, we will enter a journey of exploration and discovery.

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